VIP-PRESENT Chocolatier

premium handmade chocolate

VIP-PRESENT company is an exclusive and unique company, due to the use of modern technologies of its own development. Using high-quality natural raw materials, we produce chocolate bars with unique combinations of berries, fruits and nuts, develop and create limited collections of chocolate cards, handmade sweets, a range of dragees, an organic line of chocolate from cocoa beans "BEAN-TO-BAR Chocolate". Stylish packaging, product quality and sales service are our main values.

VIP-PRESENT Chocolatier products have been successfully sold in retail outlets of the Republic of Belarus, Russia and other countries for more than five years. We cooperate with the largest chain hypermarkets, alcohol stores, duty FREE shops at airports and border zones of entry and exit of tourists, souvenir shops, hotels, sanatoriums, gas stations "Gazprom", "LUKOIL", "Belorusneft", HORECA, pharmacy chains, health and diet food stores, online store WILDBERRIES and many other partners.

We received the Halal certificate!
We are proud of it, because Halal is a sign of quality and trust.

Why is this important for our customers?

HALAL establishes strict requirements for raw materials used in the production of "HALAL" products, production facilities, staff, equipment and packaging.
Obtaining a HALAL certificate is a thorough study of the production line by a group of specialists who have relevant knowledge in manufacturing, biology, chemistry and other necessary sciences.
Special attention is paid to the lack of preservatives and additives in the products, which prolong the shelf life.

Collection with a unique combination of sublimated berries, fruits and nuts.

White Chocolate 100 grams

White chocolate with pecan, pistachio and freeze-dried blackberries
White chocolate with dried cranberries and fresh roasted almonds
White chocolate with freeze dried strawberries
  • hole nuts roasted using the Vertiflow technology
  • premium quality chocolate made of natural ingredients
  • traditional Belarusian freeze-dried berries

Milk chocolate 100 grams

Milk chocolate 35% cocoa with freeze-dried raspberries
Milk chocolate 35% cocoa with freeze-dried black currant and fresh roasted hazelnuts
Milk chocolate 35% cocoa with freeze-dried cherries and blackcurrants and fresh roasted almonds
Milk chocolate 35% cocoa with dried cranberries and fresh roasted almonds
Milk chocolate 35 % cocoa with dried cranberries and fresh roasted hazelnuts

Dark chocolate 100 grams

Dark chocolate 48.5% cocoa with dried cranberries and fresh roasted almonds
Dark chocolate 48.5% cocoa with freeze-dried sea buckthorn
Dark chocolate 48.5% cocoa with cherry and blackcurrant freeze-dried and pistachio
Dark chocolate 48.5% cocoa with freeze-dried forest berries
Dark chocolate 48.5% cocoa with Chili pepper

VIP-PRESENT Chocolatier is not just a bar of chocolate. It is a chocolate emotion.
Each bar contains a wish that will definitely come true.

Branding for holidays

Healthy Chocolate Collection
EVERY DAY 40 grams

The line of useful chocolate EVERY DAY Chocolate product for every day, because the daily dose of chocolate consumption should not exceed 30-40 grams. Eat chocolate for health and enjoy unique flavors.

White chocolate with flax seeds
for cleansing the body
Flax seeds are extremely useful, remove toxins, cholesterol and carcinogens from the body and improves food absorption.
Dark chocolate 50% cocoa with freeze-dried cranberries
natural antioxidant
Cranberries are helpful for colds, berries contain phytonutrients (powerful antioxidants) which have an anti-inflammatory effect.
Dark chocolate 50% cocoa with freeze-dried sea buckthorn
for youth and beauty
Sea buckthorn has unique properties, contains minerals, beta carotene, polyunsaturated fatty acids - the main elixirs of youth and beauty..
Milk chocolate 35% cocoa with freeze-dried cranberries
for immunity
Cranberries - a powerful antioxidant, thanks to vitamin C contained in the berry in huge quantities. It increases the body's resistance to colds.
Bitter chocolate 60% cocoa with cocoa nibs
natural energy
Cocoa nimbs will supply Your body with strength, cheerfulness and energy. Theobromine with stimulating and exciting effect will relieve fatigue.
Bitter chocolate 96% cocoa Sugar free
for weight loss
Sugar-free chocolate contains only natural cocoa beans rich in dietary fiber. The main property is the purification of the organizm from toxins and slags.

An exclusive nationally-styled collection of chocolate cards “My Belarus”

Chocolate cards “Congratulations”

Collection of chocolate cards “My Moscow”

Collection of chocolate cards “My Saint-Petersburg

Collection of chocolate cards “My Azerbaijan”

Personalized chocolate greeting card

Here you can order a chocolate card with Your photo. Just contact us!

Chocolate cards production technology

  • The technology of transferring images on chocolate surfaces
  • The individual design applied on chocolate with food colourants
  • bright and glossy chocolate surface
  • chocolate

Master classes

The Art of Chocolate

Master class "The Art of Chocolate" can be presented as a surprise for a children's celebration. Meanwhile, the age of the child is not an issue: even a two-year-old child can try to make chocolate!

After an introduction to “chocolate science” participants will be able to try their hand at work. Design, creation and decoration of chocolates and chocolate plates will give young chocolatiers memorable pleasant moments, as will the subsequent tasting of fruit and biscuits covered in chocolate and awarding with certificates.

The price also includes a visit to the Kids Labyrinth.

Team Buildings

Invite friends or have fun with your colleagues at the workshop. Team Buildings will allow you to show yourself on the other side, to start a relaxed conversation and strengthen relationships with friends.

During the master class "The Art of Chocolate" you’ll have a chance to create unique sweets in sockets, chocolate in a molds and chocolate figures using various ingredients. Eventually, it will be possible to discuss impressions and plan the next joint leisure activities while tasting of chocolate fruit fondue.

Family Style

Cooking chocolate with your children may become your new family tradition. Together with having a pleasant and delicious pastime, you will be able to socialize, get to know each other better and create your own unique family recipe. While parents will mould chocolate hearts out of milk chocolate with a variety of ingredients, their kids will be busy making chocolate plates.

Ready-made masterpieces and chocolates with marzipan filling can be packaged while enjoying the chocolate fruit fondue and admiring presented chocolatier certificates.

Tourist Master Class

Visiting a new country is always a fascinating adventure. In our cafe we conduct special tours for Belarus visitors, presenting the history and technology of creating a truly Belarusian chocolate, as we use traditional Belarusian berries.

We invite you for a chocolate journey to create your own Belarusian chocolate collection. While you work passionately with your masterpieces, we will produce a unique chocolate card with your photo. Believe that an exclusive chocolate gift and your own chocolate collection combined with unforgettable emotions will make your journey unforgettable.


II European Games

VIP-PRESENT Chocolatier was chosen as an official licensee of EUROPEAN GAMES II that took place in Minsk in 2019. We released a unique collection of branded products for tourists and participants

Private label

VIP-PRESENT Chocolatier has successfully implemented Private label projects with major retailers of the Republic of Belarus.

In cooperation with a wine expert, we have developed a capsule collection of chocolate with various flavours for the network of premium alcoholic beverages stores WINE & SPIRITS. Each chocolate bar is designed to complement a particular spirit.

In cooperation with “VITALUR” retail chain, we presented an exclusive collection of chocolate motivational cards " Let's be....". The successful release of this product exceeded the retailer's sales expectations.

Sales Service

  • own shop equipment
Rack sizes:
1700х650х250 cm and 1700х412х250 cm
  • training sessions, tastings and workshops for partners
  • flexible terms of cooperation

Branding gifts

A chocolate gift with the company logo must meet the corporate style, aims and objectives of the advertising resources, at the same time produce a WOW effect. We will create the proper branding chocolate gifts for Your company customers.

Our contacts

We are happy to see you in our branded cafe at the address: 56 Rafieva str Minsk Belarus, VITALUR shopping center, 2st floor